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Refrigerated Trucking Service and the Effects of Weather

If you are just now learning about refrigerated trucking, , you may not understand that refrigerated trucks are also known as reefers. If you’re an experienced trucker, you probably know optimum temperature standards ranging from deep frozen to lava. No one invented a refrigerated trucking quiz game yet, but if they do, those facts belong on the test cards. You’ve probably heard the old saying about “knowledge is power.” If you want to be successful in this booming industry, you have to be armed with the knowledge that is required to navigate the often confusing waters of this exciting industry.

Refrigerated trucks, ore containers and other carriers used for freight transportation are essential to the modern freight company. Without the refrigeration systems that transport goods at low temperatures from point A to point B, companies could not guarantee dependability, efficiency or cost savings. Refrigeration ensures that products are kept fresh at all times, and that products being shipped are stored at their best until they arrive at their destination. Proper packaging and proper transportation techniques are absolutely essential. If a company does not use refrigeration to transport its merchandise, it stands to reason that company’s merchandise would be damaged during the transit process.

Refrigerated shippers make sure that the merchandise that they carry remains unopened until it arrives at its destination. This is the essence of logistics. Not all goods fit neatly into the average sized box. Proper packaging techniques and qualified, professional freight brokers ensure that the freighted items make it to their destinations.

One of the main perks to using refrigerated shipping services is the customer service that the company affords. Most companies have representatives available at any time of the day or night, should an issue arise regarding transportation or shipping of perishable cargo. The representative can assist with all kinds of issues ranging from questions about temperature sensitive perishable goods to the methods used to ship cargo. They can help resolve any problems that may arise during the shipment. Most customer service representatives are trained in logistics and can assist in any way that they are capable of doing so.

In order to provide their clients with superior transportation services and to maintain their client base, most refrigerated trucking services employ the services of state-of-the-art refrigeration trucks. The trucks employ a number of technologies designed to keep their contents cool during transport, ensuring that the freighted goods arrive at their destinations at the peak of freshness. These technologically advanced trucks can be positioned in either inside or outside racks, depending on the cargo being transported. The interior trucked rack is typically referred to as a hot truck while the outside rack is known as a cold truck.

The interior model of these refrigerated trucking services is composed of one or more refrigerated vats that contain water and a source of energy for cooling. Cold trucks contain a moist gas, known as dry van air, which is used to cool the contents of the cooled vats. This method of refrigeration maintains a constant temperature inside the vats, while the heated dry van air is used to heat the contents. For best results, a combination of the various techniques described above is employed to deliver consistent refrigerator temperatures throughout the entire cargo container.

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