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Buying Utility Pole Marking Tags

Utility poles are an essential element of electrical power distribution networks. They also transmit lines for other services like cable, internet, and landline phones. Even in a comparatively small area, there can be many such poles and service providers that preserve them encounter unique hardships. Fallen trees, roadside accidents, and harsh weather conditions are some of the many hazards that might impact the function of utility poles and the tools they hold. Among the mainly effective ways of identifying and tracking utility poles is to mount a lasting utility pole tag that’s going to stay on the asset for the intended time. The normal utility pole tag will have a serial number and may also come with extra info like a barcode. Here, we’ll consider why it is necessary to select the correct utility pole tags. If you don’t choose carefully, you might overlook features that could better the efficiency of your operation. Using tags that aren’t compatible with severe outdoor conditions could risk damage and necessitate costly replacements.

Asset identification is the first reason. Utility companies manage a huge network of equipment, wires, and poles. The sole way to dependably track all these assets is, using a comprehensive asset management system. Prior to buying new utility pole tags, you should check the design of a potential asset management program as well as the compatibility of each element. Utility pole tags could have many features like reflective coatings, color-coding, and barcodes. Every substrate material supports dissimilar characteristics, the reason it’s necessary to match your asset management needs with a particular tag. Additionally, because these tags are frequently mounted as a long-standing marking, selecting the right design from the beginning can assist your company to avoid expensive replacement over time. Establishing the right asset type and zones will as well make it effortless to select the correct style of pole tag.

Maintenance and upkeep are next on this directory. Utility employees are continuously assessing elements along the power network and following up on continuation and repair appeals. Utility pole tags assist these workers to affirm the identity of every asset and shun working on the erroneous components. Also, some companies incorporate barcodes into their utility rod tags, providing an effortless way to scan as well as access crucial information in the field. Settling for an optimal utility pole design can lessen service time, restructure your maintenance workflow, and better your capacity to maintain crucial equipment.

Durability is the next on this list. The specifications and strength of every tag substrate material can differ widely. Selecting the finest material is among the mainly crucial choices to make when buying utility pole tags. These poles face various weather conditions depending on the areas in which they are mounted, but they all remain outdoors indefinitely. They could experience severe weather conditions like hot summers with long exposure to high temperatures and ultraviolet rays and severe winters with sleet and snow. Temperatures could change frequently and make utility poles suffer continuous cycles of thawing and freezing. For these and more, you need materials that’ll endure many conditions.


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